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Trace is a native mobile app for your customer and a desktop app for you. It enhances your visitors’ real world experiences utilising the power in their pocket.


With an easy to use map content management system (CMS) you can dynamically update your digital / physical ecosystem. Geolocated marketing opportunities, real time engagements and instant customer activations.


Are your visitors only getting half of the experience?

Boost concessions using geolocated offers, instant advertising opportunities and segmented targeting. Relieve busy areas by promoting quieter ones. Capitalise on dynamic real-time control of your advertising and lead visitors through your attraction with trails, digital waymarkers, information points and AR interactions. Track and respond to your visitor's actual movements, use data to further improve your offer.

You have the asset.
We have the tech.

We’ve created an interactive dynamic digital layer that gives you the freedom to add interaction to any part of your topographic landscape, and engage target audiences on a whole new level.


Text descriptions

Tagging key locations and adding further explanation provides a platform to teach and engage



Overlaying images in an AR environment allows you to create a multi layer experience based on location



Being able to offer video content enhances the visitor experience and provides a richer engagement platform



Directly marketing offers to visitors based on location has a huge range of applications and possibilities for revenue generation


We create a digital map of your environment

This gives you the freedom to add interaction to any part of your topographic landscape.

You can serve up hyperlocal offers and information in a truly unique and groundbreaking way.


Our system is fully integrated and customised to your environment or offering. This flexibility is key to creating a completely custom experience for each and every application of our platform.

We work with you to highlight key areas where we can maximise your potential and increase visitor engagement.


We are unique in the market.

Trace is perfect for...

  • Outdoor visitor attractions
  • Zoos
  • Local councils
  • Shopping Parks
  • Shows and exhibitions
  • Guided tours
  • Trails and walks
  • Nature reserves
  • Heritage sites
  • Tourism associations

Give your customers a better deal.

Whatever your criteria:

  • Revenue growth
  • Return visits
  • Dwell time
  • Education
  • Wellbeing

Trace allows you to focus on your KPIs and drive engagement and footfall towards your desired outcomes.


Your visitors use your branded native App

Available in the App Store and Play Store, add a digital interaction layer to your attraction to create a dynamic and memorable visitor experience. No need for fixed installations, leverage the processing power in their pockets and exceed the expectations of a digitally native generation.


Contact to find out how Trace could enhance your offering.